Arcadia (2008), 17 min

A surreal drama of dark comedy and intrigue, set inside a cardboard cityworld.

Keith’s computer has started talking back. Clarence, who he shares an office with, is writing a Second Bible. There are noises in the ducts these days.

Clarence reassures us, or warns us, that ‘Soon, everything will be different’.

Welcome to Arcadia.

Arcadia was produced on a crazy-low budget and a lot of love. It is now available to watch in its entirety on the Internet, but if you would like a DVD please don’t hesitate to contact me.

The film has currently garnered attention from a variety of production companies, as well as the UK Film Council. It has also been well received at a variety of festivals across the UK.


Audience Award Winner at Filmstock 2008
Technical Achievement Winner at Screentest 2009
Nominated for Grand Jury Prize and Best Drama at Screentest 2009

Festival Screenings

Filmstock 2008
Sefton Short Film Festival 2008
Screentest 2009
London Sci-Fi Film Festival 2009
Portabello Film Festival 2009


Written, Directed and Produced by Adam Butcher.
For full credits and more info, check out Arcadia’s IMDb Page.


Robert Paskin and Alec Milne took some rather nice stills during the production. I’ve put them on a seperate page to avoid any spoilers, but you can find them here:

Photo Gallery

Making Of Featurette

Arcadia: The Making Of (2008), 4 min

Arcadia was made on a £20 note and spare time stretched over a year. Want to find out how it all came together? Well, you can now watch the brisk and informal “Making Of” Featurette above.

I refer to everyone by there first name here, so feel free to look up the credits on Arcadia’s IMDb Page.