Unanswered (2006), 11 min

As it was such an important learning experience for me, I thought it might be worth mentioning the first drama short that I ever created.

Unanswered was about a young man who woke to find that he couldn’t get the sound of a ringing telephone out of his head. It was an interesting cinematic experiment in which the audience were equally subject to the constant ringing throughout the film.

It asked the question: Was it worth annoying an audience for 10 minutes just for the powerful ripple of relief that went across the room when the ringing was finally stopped? At the time I thought “Yes”, but now, well, maybe that’s best left…unanswered.


Nominated for Best Drama at Screentest 2007


Written, Produced and Directed by Adam Butcher

Nick Blakeley
Melanie Hall

Director of Photography – Charlie Gentle
Lights – Robert Paskin
Sound – Reuben Lewarne

Original Score by Adam Butcher and Ben Claxton